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XPG S50 LITE 2TB, Review in Spanish

A Gen4 SSD with very conservative speeds

The XPG S50 Lite is a different type of NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD, in the sense that, unlike most other Gen4 SSDs on the market, the S50 Lite hardly takes advantage of this fact, achieving speeds marginally faster than a single. High-end PCIe Gen3 SSD.


PCI-Express 4.0 compatibility

Five year warranty

Compact design


Slightly higher speeds than a PCIe Gen3 SSD

High temperatures with the included heatsink

In recent years, SSD drives have been replacing mechanical drives, and today we can find them in any new computer. This is because SSDs have a much higher performance, they are getting better and more affordable.

Today we have the opportunity to bring you an analysis of the XPG S50 Lite, a PCIe 4.0 SSD with some curious features.

Design and features

The XPG S50 Lite is presented in a small red box with a holographic effect, along with the image of the product on the front, and some information about its capacity and other characteristics.