Rockstar has had plenty of time to solve the main problems encountered in the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, but while they’re still busy doing who knows what to put their PC version back on sale, Modders have already done much more than the studio has done, like fixing the horrible design of the rain in the game, and the truth was that they did not have to do anything for a studio that has released a remastering, which finally everyone has labeled as shit (in Metacritic it has gone from 0 , 6 to 0.5 points out of 10), not to mention that it is a study that has not treated modders well.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy (GTA: San Andreas) con mod de lluvia

While numerous modders have made every drop of rainwater as perfect as possible, rather than a shower of spit (mod here), other modders are fixing other problems, like restoring the emblematic radio stations of the series, which were totally destroyed by the expiration of the music licenses. 60 euros are charged for the game, but you can see that there were many cost cuts that were never made known until the game was launched.

Other modders are looking to fix the ghostly textures of t-shirt numbers and a long etcetera, a job that Rockstar Games does not deserve, but that serves as a slap in the face showing how disinterested people fix in a matter of days the shit created by a studio that is in 8th place by income in the industry with $ 3.1 billion in a year that has yet to end.

via: Kotaku