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PC Cabinets | Characteristics, types and importance

The pc cabinet, computer caseAmong other names that are given according to the country, it has evolved considerably from being a simple box to store components, to being a protective fortress.

What is the PC cabinet?

The pc cabinets, the computer case or also known in different countries as housing, chassis or tower computer, it is a structure that can be plastic or metallic, whose function is to house and in turn protect the internal components of the computer, such as: the central processing unit or CPU, random access memory or RAM , power supply, motherboard, expansion boards, as well as storage drives and other Parts of a Computer

Is the PC cabinet important?

The pc cabinet or computer case it is important because it is a structure that is designed to protect the internal components of the computer, in addition to containing each of them in one place. In that sense, it is not only about the security and protection environment that it represents for the equipment, but it also facilitates the connections between equipment as it is designed precisely so that all the elements interconnect with each other.

Nor should it be overlooked that modern developments in PC cabinets ensure that components are protected against the action of dust, temperature or external elements that can be harmful.

Features of PC Cabinets

Internal space – Due to the way the internet space is distributed, a PC cabinet is key to promoting a good arrangement of the components. This is a key issue in terms of cooling and therefore to improve the power of the devices.

Cable management – Cables are needed to establish connections between components and the computer case allows those cables to be distributed and located in strategic places so that they are not veined, they are not annoying and everything is more comfortable.

Compatibility – In certain cases the PC cabinets are compatible with ATX and MIcroATX motherboards, and this is a matter not to be overlooked because it can be decisive.

Air flow and cooling – Most cabinets have front fans to let cool air into the CPU. The same happens at the back to remove the hot air.

Front connections – Connections that are already connected to the motherboard are usually located at the front to make them work. Depending on the user’s needs, you can use these ports.

Optical drive bays or hard drives – It is not a problem today and in fact almost all computer cases already have these compartments for 2.5 and 3.5 hard drives.

Types of PC cabinets

Conventional cabinets – They are a type of cabinet that is sold in quantities to common users and it is not that they stand out for something in particular, they simply fulfill the basic function of housing the components and protecting them in their basic needs.

Office cabinets – They are a type of computer case a little more careful in its design and functions. In this case, ventilation is considered a little more, particularly since the computer spends more time on and requires this type of prevention. The design is usually minimalist and professional.

office pc cabinet

Gamer cabinets – They are almost always accompanied by Led lighting and a type of refrigeration that is superior to the measure because it requires taking care of the components and guaranteeing power. His designs are more demonstrative and daring. Sometimes they include a tempered glass on the side covers to show the interior.

Gamer cabinets

Horizontal cabinet – Its structure is metallic, rectangular in shape and located horizontally. It is covered with a fiberglass, foil or plastic base.

Horizontal pc cabinets

Minitower Cabinet – It is known as vertical cabinet in some cases. It needs a flat surface to be placed. Like it because it is small. It has a power supply that distributes power to the other components.

Mini tower pc cabinets

Mid tower cabinet – They are cabinets with 3 to 4 beams of a size of 5.25 inches. Its size is described as intermediate.

Mid tower pc cabinets

Integrated cabinet – They are called as All In One cabinet and this means that it includes a screen and at the same time it is a cabinet that shares that same cover.

Integrated pc cabinets

Tower cabinet – It is placed vertically on a surface that is firm, there will be located different devices that will work as a set for the equipment to work. Its shape is that of a building and has different external beams.

Tower pc cabinets

What elements go inside the PC case?

  • The power source.
  • Motherboard.
  • Processor.
  • Video card or board
  • Sound card or card
  • Network board or card
  • Optical drives for DVD, Blu-Ray and card readers
  • RAM
  • Storage unit.
  • Hard disk (HD).

PC Cabinet Prices

The pc cabinets are classified according to their level of sophistication, so when categorizing them by levels, those of low, medium, high and ultra level. Regarding the low level they cost between 20 to 35 dollars, mid-tier cabinets could cost up to $ 60, if you are looking for a high-level cabinet, the rank is among the $ 60 to $ 140 and finally the ultra or extreme cabinets cost between $ 145 and $ 480.