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Pandemic disappears from Steam, it will also do so from other platforms

Surely the vast majority of users played Pandemic before the Coronavirus arrived. We must remember that we are facing a game in which our mission was specifically the opposite of the one proposed by Plague Inc. (title that became popular with COVID), where we had create and evolve the perfect virus where the purpose is to kill all humanity.

The studio behind the game Asmodee Digital opted to play a contrary role seeking to stop the spread of viruses, but now the company has revealed that your game has had to be removed from the Steam store. While there are reasons for them, the company did not want to make them public. As if that weren’t enough, the versions that popularized the game years ago, the mobile ones, have also been removed.

“Humanity is on the brink of extinction. As a member of an elite disease control team, you are the only thing that can stop the 4 deadly diseases spreading globally. You must travel the world to protect cities, prevent spread infections and discover the cure for each disease. The future of humanity is in your hands!”

“We have worked hard for 4 years on Pandemic and removing it from stores has not been an easy decision. This decision has been made with great pain for a multitude of reasons that we cannot reveal.“said the studio, confirming that the game will also disappear from the Xbox store on January 31, and from the Nintendo Switch at the end of July.

Warning: At the publisher’s request, Pandemic: The Board Game is no longer for sale on Steam,” reads the game’s file.

Going even further, Pandemic isn’t even mentioned on the studio’s official website.. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, which keeps copies of many web pages over time, it is revealed that it was in November or December when this movement took place. In 2020, Epic Games was going to give this game away, but it was canceled due to a sensitivity issue, but now it seems that this sensitivity is leading to the game ending up passing to a better life.

Interestingly, the game is still available on Board Game Arena, the main platform for online board games, so it is unknown why, for now, it can only be found there.

via: PCG