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Kindle | Models, characteristics, operation and price

A Kindle it’s a e-book reader which is manufactured by Amazon. We explain what a Kindle is, its models, features, operation and more.

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What is a Kindle?

It has already been mentioned that a Kindle it’s a e-book reader or eReader. Now, in addition to being a device designed for reading, it is a device in which you can buy and store books in digital format, access various information media such as magazines, newspapers, blogs, among others.

In that order of ideas, together with tablets or smartphones, a Kindle is a device with many functions that will be beneficial for the user, although in this case it stands out because your goal is much more specific, and in that sense all the decisions of form, content, functions and the like are designed so that the reading is of the highest quality.

Kindle Types

Basic Kindle – It is the cheapest version of this device, but due to the relationship it offers between quality and price, it is undoubtedly unbeatable. What is lost compared to the other more popular model is the display lighting.

Kindle Paperwhite – Its screen compared to the basic Kindle is of a higher quality, it is tactile and has a lighting function (feedback) that allows the user to read in all kinds of spaces, even if they are highly complex for this class of devices.

Kindle paperwhite

Kindle Voyage – It is the high-end eReader made by Amazon until the Kindle Oasis was launched. In that sense, it is a device with the highest quality features for reading electronic books.

Kindle voyage

Kindle Oasis – Without a doubt it is the best eReader that can be found in the market and this statement applies both in a technical and aesthetic sense. The price is high, but if you are looking for the best of the best, it is the most suitable option.

Kindle oasis

Features of the Kindle

  • E-ink display – It is a screen where reading is comfortable and that allows periods of time to be prolonged without tiring the person’s eyes.
  • Reading in natural light – One of the advantages of the Kindle is that the reading can be done in full natural light without reflections as it happens in tablets or smartphones.
  • Touch screen – There are no physical and annoying buttons like in other e-book readers, so everything is easier and the design is better.
  • Illuminated display – It is a special lighting that is not annoying for the eyes even if the screen looks at it for hours and hours. All versions have it except the basic Kindle.
  • Storage – Its capacity is gigantic if you think that electronic books do not weigh too much. They have 4 GB.
  • Connection with the Amazon bookstore – You can access the Amazon library with your personal data. There are more than half a million books available.
  • Possibility of sending ebooks by email – The Kindle has a function so that electronic books are sent directly to the device through an email and a simple configuration on the Amazon platform.
  • Underline and mark – You can add comments or underline the texts as you read.
  • Dictionary – Ideal to consult the definition of the words that are read. It is only necessary to press on them. Dictionaries of various languages ​​can be installed.
  • Long duration battery – Its battery lasts at least one month. Depending on use and configuration, it can be extended even more.

How a Kindle works

The Kindle It is a device as a very specific objective and consists of promoting reading. In that sense, if you are not looking for such a device, it is not worth it. To explain the Kindle operation you have to start with electronic ink. This is a concept that refers to a technology that is very efficient, does not require a backlight and is highly mobile.

The reading in this electronic reader can be done in natural light without any kind of inconvenience, unlike what happens with the screens of smartphones or tablets. In turn, in the versions with their own lighting, it can be adjusted to adjust the brightness level and this will not imply that the user’s eyes are more tired.

Ultimately, the goal of the Kindle, which it has already achieved, is that its electronic ink technology emulate paper reading to perfection and boy has he already achieved it, which is why the user’s eyes are taken care of and the conditions are of high quality.

Advantages of using a Kindle

  • Personal library – The books you have will be part of a personal library, which can be synchronized with shipments via email, adding the files directly to the device or buying them on Amazon.
  • Underline and comment – These are functions that are very important when reading documents for academic or research purposes.
  • Comfortable reading – Although it is an electronic screen, paper is emulated, so the sight will not tire or be damaged if there is an exposure for long hours.
  • Compatibility – Most popular eBook formats are compatible with the Kindle, and if not, conversion programs can be applied in seconds.
  • Fast reading – These devices have already been configured so that the user’s reading is as fast and comfortable as possible, thus imitating paper.
  • Natural light – It can be read in this type of light without problems, unlike tablets or a smartphone.
  • Surfing the Internet – Although it is rudimentary, it has an internet browser for quick consultations.
  • Dictionary – To query for the definition of particular words as it is read.
  • Profile for children – If you want to be careful with the content they read, you can create a specific profile for them.
  • Free – From Amazon there are many free books that are shared and can be downloaded.

Prices for a Kindle

A basic Kindle is around $ 60, a Kindle Paperwhite is around $ 99, a Kindle Voyaga is priced at $ 199 and finally the Kindle Oasis is priced at $ 299.