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KFA2 RTX 3070 Ti EX 1-CLICK OC, Review

Double fan also offers a good solution

The larger double fan for this RTX 3070Ti chipset offers good results in Full HD and 2K as well as in ray tracing exceeding 80 fps. As for its temperature, it is within the margins seen but with a lower frequency of around 48% compared to other models.


102mm fans

12 phases

Excellent overclock

Excellent in Full HD and 2K

In the upper mid-range we have the RTX 3070 Ti chipset with excellent performance in both 1080p and 2K resolutions. The usual thing in these models is to see a triple fan configuration but sometimes we have good experiences, such as the model that we are going to analyze.

Design and build

The box is well known to us, with its star character the KFA2 DJ on the front and the slogan What´s your game?. Inside we have the card protected with foam, a horizontal support in transparent plastic with a large RGB effect and its manual.