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Intel Alder Lake CPUs and Windows 11 won’t let you play Blu-ray discs on your PC

Today we know that Intel has removed support for its technology SGX (Software Guard Extension) in its 12th Generation of processors Intel Core (Alder Lake), although this move really premiered with the 11th Generation of CPUs (Rocket Lake-S), and that implies that these teams are unable to play Blu-ray drives at 4K resolution, even if using a CPU older than these models next to Windows 11.

The main reason that this has taken time to become known is that today it is practically normal to see how most computers, if not all, lack a CD/DVD drive, so you can imagine how many people have a Blu-ray drive, something that looks obsolete with the established streaming platforms, or the arrival of large capacity external storage units with a longer lifespan.

basically Cyberlink, who is behind the already iconic software PowerDVD, updated their FAQ to reflect the problem with newer Intel CPUs, and the inability to provide a solution.

The removal of the SGX feature, and its compatibility with the latest Windows operating system and drivers, has caused a substantial challenge for CyberLink to continue to support playback of Ultra HD Blu-ray movies in our playback software. in the FAQ.

“So much so, that it has been determined that it is no longer feasible for CyberLink to support Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc playback on newer CPUs and the latest Windows platforms.” In addition to using an older Intel CPU, CyberLink also advises people not to upgrade to Windows 11 to avoid necessary drivers being replaced.

via: Bleepingcomputer