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How to hide your WhatsApp number

To know how to hide WhatsApp number It is useful for when you want to maintain a certain level of privacy with personal information and in particular with the number in the app, since it is of a public nature due to the very nature of the platform.

How to hide WhatsApp number

The method to hide WhatsApp number It has been designed based on the verification that the application has for its users. In that order of ideas, what you can do is complete the registration with a telephone number that does not really correspond to your own.

How to register WhatsApp with another number to hide the personal number

  • Start by uninstalling your WhatsApp application and reinstalling it again.
  • Keep in mind that in order not to lose your account information, it is essential that you apply a backup to all the documents, if you do not, it will be very difficult to bring all the files back.
  • As soon as the reinstallation of the app is finished, the account verification will be requested.
  • In the previous step you will request phone number with which the connection with WhatsApp will be executed, that is, the number provided that will appear in the profile. As a result of the above the number should not be allowed to be registered.
  • To achieve this, you need to block messages or configure the device to roam or in airplane mode.
  • Then WhatsApp will request that another method be fulfilled to send the confirmation number of the account.
  • Select that you want to use an email. Place the address knowing that it must be valid so that everything goes according to what is desired. Press on Send and immediately click on Cancel so that the verification is interrupted.
  • At this time it will be necessary to use a application to spoof the message. There are many that exist with these characteristics, so we recommend opting for alternatives such as: fake a messake, fake a text, among others.
  • Now go to the sent messages folder and grab the message data.
  • Send them to the fake verification system. Use information that is similar to the following:
    • To: +44790347925
    • From: + (country code) (phone number)
  • With the previous dummy code you must send the message and use that number for WhatsApp.
  • In other words, it has already been achieved hide WhatsApp number, while the real number is not going to appear at any time.

What do I need to hide my WhatsApp number

  • Uninstall and install – It is the first step to take, since the method to hide the number in WhatsApp It can be applied based on the verification system presented by this platform. The procedure is exactly the same as with any other app.
  • Airplane mode, roaming or message blocking – It is necessary to apply this configuration to the device so that the application cannot at any time detect the real number of the equipment and therefore avoid the trick of using a false number from being applied. If you don’t do it this way, the procedure will fail.


  • Application to spoof messages – As mentioned, there are already very popular alternatives such as the case of Fake a Message or Fake a text, so with them it will be more than enough to comply with the process of falsifying the verification message and the confirmation of the code that is required for the account in WhatsApp.

How to get a fictitious number to use on WhatsApp?

Among the free options that currently exist and that are accessible to everyone, the following stand out:


Anyway, keep in mind that these numbers on WhatsApp will very likely not last long because someone else will be registering them in another account. The above will not be relevant if the account is for temporary use.

What is the use of hiding my WhatsApp number

How to hide your WhatsApp number

It should be clear to all users that the WhatsApp number is the private number of the calls, that is, any person who has added another on WhatsApp will know in one way or another the number of their contacts, because that is how the platform operates.

In case you want to continue maintaining communication with a contact through WhatsApp, but you do not want to share the number with that person, the most appropriate in this situation is to opt for hide WhatsApp number, since it is the process with which both conditions are satisfied.

The result in the end after this method will be that the contacts they will see the false number with which the account has been verified thanks to the method presented, but in reality that number will not be the real one under any circumstances. In other words, in the WhatsApp profile section, data such as the State, the Profile picture and similar, but with the difference that the phone number will be a false one.

Can my WhatsApp number be hidden on Android and iPhone?

The process to verify the account on WhatsApp is exactly the same on Android or iPhone, therefore when hide the number the steps to follow are the same as those mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

Remember that the application operates in the same way in both operating systems, as it has been developed for users to use it in the same way, regardless of whether it is an Android case and an iOS case in another.

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