The Chinese market analyst BoBoardTang revealed that during the month of December the shipment, and therefore, the sales of graphics cards, decreased in the country by 19 percent, being one of the main reasons the devaluation of the cryptocurrency most popular linked to this hardware, which was Ethereum, so the main consumer of graphics cards is now seriously thinking about investing in expanding their mining farms, and more so with the upcoming arrival of the Ethereum 2.0.

the local manufacturer Colorful was the one that supplied the most cards to the market with 200,000 units, while Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and GALAXY (GALAX/KFA2) closed the Top 5. Although no figures are indicated, it is revealed that all these companies reduced the shipment of GPUs, indicating that the most serious fall Gigabyte suffered, which drastically decreased the shipment of GPUs, although the figures were not tightened.

Among other reasons linked to this fall, it is the rise of the pandemic in the country, which has affected production and transportation capacity, in addition to the fact that we are at the gates of the Chinese New Year. Despite this, the demand has remained stable in the face of some gamers eager to renew their graphics card, although the demand is stronger in the mid-range and low-end market, that is, the most affordable, at a time when the user is looking to buy graphics at the price closest to the recommended price.

via: MyDrivers