If Three Kings day confused you like it did me, you have until tomorrow to download the game Gods Will Fall on the Epic Games Store, as a new game, Galactic Civilizations III, will be unlocked tomorrow afternoon. You can claim it from the following linkAs long as you didn’t claim it for almost a week, of course.

You are the last hope of humanity

The gods have exercised a tyrannical reign over humanity for millennia. With cruelty and torment as weapons, they demand servitude and blind faith through an oath of obedience that any man, woman and child must abide by. A slow and merciless death awaits those who do not submit to the divine will.

Accompany a daring group of warriors in their desperate effort to break the cruel divine yoke on humanity. Any man and woman who can wield a sword, having suffered the cruelty of the gods’ rule for too long, will find a place in your clan of eight Celtic survivors. Together you will rise up and face the legions of beasts and terrifying creatures that dwell in each of the gods’ infernal realms.

With each decision a personal story is born. Succeed and you will be the origin of legends; fail and you will see lives turned to ash.