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Ask Stores and Search Engines to Block It

Surely you have browsed Facebook many times and you have come up with a store that sold you a Porsche for 3,000 euros or a strange sexual device that was not worth 1 euro. That store is called Wish, and France already wants to end its existence, at least on its territory.

Basically it is a Chinese store that puts dubious offers as a claim, but the problem is that many of the products that are sold on Wish do not comply with European safety regulations, and now France’s Directorate-General for Competition, Consumption and the Suppression of Fraud (the DGCCRF) is going after Wish for selling non-compliant products and that even they are dangerous for French consumers.

For this, it was the DGCCRF itself that bought about 140 different products from Wish. Of the 140, the 45% of them were directly considered dangerous. Products that required electricity to function, 90% of them were considered dangerous, while 95% of them did not comply with the European safety regulations, so their sale is basically illegal.

Yes indeed, sure if they do the same on Aliexpress (and any other store you buy from China), the result would be the same or similar, since it will depend on the user himself, and more when looking for a product as cheap as possible.

Thus, The DGCCRF has decided to ask companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft to block access to the Wish applicationas well as being removed from search engines. Obviously, this only applies to French citizens at the moment, but since France is an EU nation, an EU-wide Wish crash is possible if the company does not take action on the matter.

The company offered a statement after the news was released, it does not rule out taking legal action against the French Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and the Suppression of Fraud.

At Wish we are dedicated to providing a positive user experience, and a large part of that is making quality products available to you.

Although, as a market platform, We have no legal obligation to carry out controls on the 150 million products that are offered for sale on the platformWe invest in a wide range of programs designed to attract and reward sellers who offer quality items, and limit the exposure of those who offer lower quality items.

For instance:

  • Wish has a series of proactive and reactive mechanisms designed to prevent, detect, and eliminate listings that violate any local security law or regulation. They include a robust internal notification mechanism and recall procedure, as well as a protocol for repeat traders.
  • Our recently launched Wish Standards program measures our merchants based on defined criteria spanning product quality and payback rates, and rewards them with commission discounts and increased in-app exposure.
  • As a voluntary signatory to the EC Product Safety Commitment, we react within two working days to government notices to remove listings offering unsafe products for sale in the EU, which goes beyond the requirements legal.
  • Wish is actively diversifying its merchant base by recruiting vendors in various geographic areas, including Europe, in order to broaden product selection and further improve product quality.

Wish always complies with DGCCRF takedown requests and therefore is puzzled by the excessive focus when it comes to this matter. We have repeatedly tried to collaborate constructively with the DGCCRF. Now we are actively seeking legal recourse to challenge what we consider to be an illegal and disproportionate action carried out by the DGCCRF.

via: Techcrunch