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Arctic Freezer i35 RGB, Review in Spanish

Performance and modern design

The new Freezer i35 RGB is an air cooler compatible with the new 12th generation Intel that has excellent low noise performance.


Silent fan

Excellent performance

Good value for money


It does not allow to install a second fan

If I talk to you about Arctic, it will surely sound familiar to you because on the web we have already previously analyzed some of the products. Well, for today’s review we bring you the Arctic Freezer i35 RGB, an air cooler that has a silent fan with RGB light and is compatible with Intel’s new 1700 socket.

Packaging and Accessories

The Freezer i35 RGB arrives in a white and blue box that is decorated with a product photo on the front. In the rest of the box you can read what are its main characteristics and specifications as well as some QR codes.

These QR codes that I just mentioned are quite important since inside the box there is no manual or installation guide. All documentation is on the internet and it is accessible through the codes that are printed on the box. Personally, it seems like a great idea, it saves on paper and includes videos about the assembly that would not be possible otherwise.

What is inside the box is: a backplate for the socket, nylon spacers, screws and nuts, rubber washers, the anchor for the socket and a syringe with thermal paste MX-5.

Design and Construction

Starting with the basics, the Freezer i35 is a heatsink only compatible with Intel platform It has a tower design and is painted black. Its peculiarity is that the fan is part of a casing that fits into the heatsink and covers it from the top. Due to this it has overall dimensions of 91x133x158.5 mm so we must make sure that we have enough space in the box for its installation.